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Learn how AVEIR VR LP can help practices with staffing shortages and much more from Dr. Devi Nair’s RIO case & discussion

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | January 13, 2023
aveir LP

Thousands of Electrophysiologists, Arrhythmologists, Cardiologists, Implanting Specialists, and others from around the world gathered to share insights at the Radcliffe Group’s 3rd annual Rhythm Interventions Online supported in part by Abbott.

A highlight of this program was the “Single Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System with Mapping Capability” case and discussion by Dr. Devi Nair. She walked the attendees through the AVEIR™ VR Leadless Pacemaker implant procedure which sparked discussion amongst the panel on leadless technology and the future of dual-chamber pacing.

During positioning in the right ventricle, Dr. Nair noted that even though the AVEIR device is slightly longer than Micra, having the ability to map prior to deployment has made a difference by reducing the number of repositioning attempts in her practice. She notes that this, “…has been a game changer with this technology – that I’m able to map where I’m going to go before I’m deploying the device.”

Dr. Nair also discussed longevity comparisons between AVEIR VR LP and Micra and noted how getting up to about 24 years of battery longevity with AVEIR VR LP marks a clear difference between the two devices.

Also noted was patient satisfaction and what that means for practices. Dr. Nair spoke about staffing issues and how those can be reconciled when patients have positive experiences that do not require monitoring or follow-ups for pain. This is how AVEIR VR LP has made a big difference in the lab at her practice.

As the panel discussion transitioned to the future of dual-chamber pacing, Dr. Nair explains the built-in upgradeability feature of AVEIR VR LP* and the importance of keeping this in mind for patient care.Learn more about this panel’s perspective on leadless chamber pacing and its future by viewing the presentation in its entirety here.


*The LP device electronics are designed to be enabled by future software, upon regulatory approval, to support dual chamber pacing in the future. Dual chamber pacing system is currently in clinical trial (ClinicalTrials.gov NCT #05252702) and limited to investigational use only.

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