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Watch The AVEIR VR Leadless Pacemaker Late-Breaking Clinical Update and Case Studies Webinar NOW!

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | December 15, 2022
aveir LP

Q: "Are you using mapping capabilities prior to fixation?

A: “Absolutely. It takes about less than a minute, and it cuts down the number of times you have to re-capture and re-implant. I think that adds a huge safety factor. Because the more re-captures you have, at least with the Micra device, we know that the more re-captures we have, the higher the perforation risks, and the higher the risk for pericardial effusion. So if I can cut down that re-capture need, absolutely. I'll take that minute to map every single time.”

Mapping Prior to Fixation of Aveir VR LP in a 3d render video

Abbott’s AVEIR™ VR Leadless Pacemaker (LP) Late-Breaking Clinical Update and Case Studies webinar on November 9 featured an insightful 20-minute live Q&A session following a discussion on the latest clinical data, main advantages, and a review of case studies with expert implanters.

Meet the experts:

Dr. Vivek Reddy Headshot

Dr. Vivek Reddy, MD
Director of Cardiac Arrhythmia Services,
Mount Sinai Medical Center

Dr. Larry Chinitz Headshot

Dr. Larry Chinitz, MD
Director of the Heart Rhythm Center, NYU
Langone Medical Center

Dr. Rahul Doshi Headshot

Dr. Rahul Doshi, MD
Pillar Chief Complex Arrhyhtmia Management,
Honor Health

Dr. Rahul Doshi, MD Pillar Chief Complex Arrhyhtmia Management, Honor Health

Dr. Devi Nair, MD, FACC, FHRS
Director of Cardiac Electrophysiology
St. Bernard's Healthcare

Dr. Anne Kroman Headshot

Dr. Anne Kroman, DO, PhD
Cardiac Electrophysiologist,
Medical University of South Carolina Health

Dr. Cyrus Hadadi Headshot

Dr. Cyrus Hadadi, MD
Associate Director of Cardiac Arrythmia Research,
Medstar Washington Hospital Center

After sharing perspectives on the present and future of leadless technology, the panelists fielded live questions on a variety of topics, including implant location orientation, differences between Abbott’s AVEIR VR Leadless Pacemaker and competitors, mapping with patients (highlighted above), how it will revolutionize pacing, plus change and benefit the practice in the future and more. 

Watch the AVEIR VR Leadless Pacemaker late-breaking clinical update and case studies Webinar, including the Q & A session below and learn more about the AVEIR VR Leadless Pacemaker's capabilities here.

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