Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

CMD Series

Dr. Bruce Samuels shares his passion and discusses the challenges on the overlooked topic of Coronary Microvascular Disease (CMD).

Dr. Jai Khatri

CMD Fundamentals

Definition and the different endotypes

CMD Fundamentals: Definition and Different Endotypes Video
CMD Clinical Syndrome Breakdown Video


Why It Matters

Examining the breakdown of the clinical syndromes

How to Assess CMD Video


Diagnosing CMD

Learn how to assess CMD

Video of CMD Case Studies for Professionals


CMD Case Studies

Case-based perspective

Outcomes and Prognosis for CMD Video


Wisdom of WISE

What are the outcomes and prognosis for CMD?

Impact of CorMicA Clinical Trial Video


Impact of CorMicA

Emerging clinical trial evidence

Treatment Options for Patients Diagnosed with CMD Video


Patient Treatment Options

Treatment options for patients diagnosed with CMD

CMD Treatment Advancements Video


The Future of CMD

CMD today & tomorrow



Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

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