Disrupt the Progression of Heart Failure

Heart failure is complicated and can be challenging to effectively manage. You have the options to help prevent undertreatment and improve clinical outcomes for your heart failure patients.1

Up to 3 out of 4 people hospitalized with heart failure may die in 5 years.2

Hospitalized with Heart Failure

Your Actions are Critical

Recognizing subtle or overt signs that heart failure is advancing is critical to your patient’s long-term survival and quality of life. There are options to help you optimize medical therapy and in some cases offer solutions beyond medication.

Heart Failure Progression by the Numbers

Now is the time to act.

Patients not on GDMT had nearly 30% increased risk of mortality.1

Only 1% of HFrEF patients are receiving optimal medical therapy.3

Up to 94% of Stage D heart failure patients only on GDMT may die within 1 year.4

Heart Failure Resources

Between Two Ventricles Podcast: Heart Failure Prevention, Is it possible?

A discussion between Drs. Kelly Axsom and Phil Adamson about how there needs to be a paradigm shift to use BNP as a marker to help catch patients sooner in their heart failure progression.


The Impact of Health Care Disparities on Patients with Heart Failure

This paper highlights the known health care disparities that exist in the care of patients with HF and provides context for how clinicians and researchers should assess both biological and social determinants of HF risk in vulnerable populations, while providing a framework for future steps that can be used to help diminish inequalities in access and clinical outcomes over time, and offer solutions to help decrease disparities within HF care.

Options Beyond Medical Therapy

Technology can help optimize heart failure medications and support your patients as their heart failure advances. Learn more about how each of these devices can help you and your patients.

Identifying Heart Failure Progression

As heart failure progresses there are clinical events and triggers. Recognize the symptoms of advancing heart failure in your patients.

Find a Heart Failure Center

Find a heart failure center for your patients so they can learn more about additional treatment options.


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Patient Education For Heart Failure

A resource to help patients learn more about heart failure and understand why they need to treat it with urgency.

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