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The Centrimag Acute Circulatory Support System


The Only Acute Device Approved as a 30-Day VAD* – Is Now Cleared for ECMO***

With the addition of the new ECMO indication for the CentriMag™ Blood Pump, the CentriMag™ System addresses the broadest spectrum of clinical challenges in a single platform allowing for escalation and de‑escalation of therapy1-3

CentriMag Pump Outline indicating LVAD, RVAD, ECMO and BiVAD in four sections.

Powered by Full Maglev™ Flow Technology, the Centrimag Pump Enables Excellent Hemodynamics4,5 and Optimal Clinical Outcomes1

CentriMag System shows 66% high survival rate at discharge after ECMO, 2.5% low device-related thrombosis, 5% low hemolysis and minimized blood stagnation, friction, and sheer stress.

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Our Reliability is backed by our Unmatched Legacy of Experience

Our device is proven safe by four FDA-approved clinical studies*

Our device has been cited in over 400 peer-reviewed articles9

Excellent Outcomes
Our Full MagLev Flow Technology drives the same market-leading Heartmate 3™ LVAD with excellent clinical outcomes10

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*PMA approval for 30-day use of CentriMag™ System excludes: PediMag™ Blood Pump and any other pediatric components or accessories.
**As part of a VA-ECMO circuit
***ECMO clearance for >6-hour use is indicated for the CentriMag™ Blood Pump to be used with: CentriMag™ Console, CentriMag™ Motor, Mag Monitor, and Flow Probe. ECMO clearance for the CentriMag™ Blood Pump is for adult use only and excludes: CentriMag™ Drainage Cannula and CentriMag™ Return Cannula.



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