Emboshield NAV6™ Embolic Protection System

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Emboshield NAV6™ Embolic Protection System
CE Part NumberFDA Part NumberUnconstrained Filter DiameterVessel DiameterWire LengthMinimum Sheath/Guide SizeFiltration Element Length (cm)Crossing Profile (F)Minimum Sheath/Guide I.D. Required
22422-19 (Small)22437-19 (Small)5.0 mm2.5-4.8 mm190 cm5F / 6F1.92.80.070"
22443-19 (Large)22438-19 (Large)7.2 mm4.0-7.0 mm190 cm5F / 6F2.33.20.070"


Consists of 2 Primary Packs
Primary Pack
Filtration System:
Primary Pack
(1) RX Delivery Catheter, (1) Filtration Element, (1) BareWire™ Filter Delivery Wire (Workhorse, 190 cm), (1) Loading Funnel, (1) Introducer, (1) Torque Device, (1) Syringe with Flushing Tip
RX Retrieval Catheter:(1) RX Retrieval Catheter, (1) Torque Device, (1) Syringe Flushing Tip


Barewire™ Filter Delivery Wires (0.014”)*
CE Part NumberFDA Part NumberWire TypeWire Length
22444-1922439-19Distal Access190 cm
Workhorse190 cm
315 cm
22446-1922441-19Support190 cm


*BareWires™ are sold in packs of five

Data on file at Abbott.

MAT-2200416 v1.0