Emboshield NAV6™ Embolic Protection System

Emboshield NAV6 Embolic Protection System

Unique Features: Filter and Barewire™ Delivery Wires


  • 120-µm Pore Size
    Effectively captures debris while also allowing blood flow

  • High-Strength Nylon Filter Material
    Is designed to enhance capture efficiency by maintaining wall apposition and protecting the vessel wall from direct contact with the nitinol frame

  • Non-thrombogenic Hydrophilic Coating
    Is designed to reduce platelet or protein adhesion
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1. BareWire™ Technology

Is a proprietary wire technology that enables guide wire-only access through the lesion and ensures stable filter position

2. Proximal Marker Band
Includes proprietary radiopaque markers for smooth tracking through tortuous anatomy

3. Nitinol Frame
Is designed for outstanding circumferential wall apposition—even on a bend—and collapses into a low-profile wrap down during filter retrieval

4. Centered Wire Design
Prevents filter bias against the vessel wall and allows effective capture in all vessel types

5. Radiopaque Markers
To convey vessel apposition and deployment status

6. Pore-free Zone at Distal Tip
Prevents extrusion of embolic material during blood flow

7. Distal Marker Band
Includes proprietary radiopaque markers for smooth tracking through tortuous anatomy

8. BareWire™ 0.019” Step
Acts as a distal stop for the Filtration Element

Delivery Wires for Flexibility and Support

There are three types of BareWire™ delivery wires.


Distal Access

A soft BareWire™, it provides extra flexibility for successful access through torturous anatomy

Barewire Distal


Provides optimal flexibility and support for superb access through most anatomies

Barewire Distal


Is designed to provide additional support for delivery of the filter in challenging arches

Barewire Distal

Filter Visibility

The deployment status and the vessel apposition can be visually confirmed because of the device’s radiopaque frame.

Fully Captured Filter
Fully Deployed
 Full Deployed Filter
Fully Captured

Data on file at Abbott

MAT-2116947 v1.0