Emboshield NAV6™ Embolic Protection System

Emboshield NAV6 Embolic Protection System

System Utilization: Preparation, Delivery, and Retrieval

Straightforward Preparation

The streamlined Emboshield NAV6™ EPS prep procedure requires three steps. Refer to the Instructions for Use for additional information.

Flush in Two Places

Step 1

At the exit port
of the delivery catheter

Delivery Catheter Exit Port

In the filter, to
remove air bubbles


Pull the Filter into the Delivery Catheter

Step 2

Pull until the filter is completely inside the delivery catheter, at which point the gold marker is adjacent to the delivery catheter tip


Check the Gold Marker

Step 3

Visually check to ensure that the filter is fully loaded into the delivery catheter

Visual check

Instructional Videos

Streamlined 3-step preparation
Streamlined 3-step preparation
Barewire Exchange
Exchange of the BareWire™ from standard 190 cm to longer 315 cm (no audio)
Device Deployment
Device deployment
Device Retrieval
Device retrieval

MAT-2200414 v1.0