OPTIS™ Imaging Systems

OCT Imaging and Coronary Physiology on One Platform

OPTIS™ Imaging Systems

Options for OPTIS™ Imaging Systems

There are two options for OPTIS™ Imaging Systems: the OPTIS™ Integrated System and the OPTIS™ Mobile System. Both are designed to meet your specific cath lab needs for OCT-guided PCI.

OPTIS™ Integrated Imaging System: It's always on, it's always ready

OPTIS™ Integrated System is installed in a single cath lab; it's always on and always ready to perform intravascular imaging and coronary physiology.

OPTIS™ Integrated System set up. Components shown include Wi-Box™ AO Transmitter, DOC, TSC and OCT user interface displayed on the Boom Monitor

This setup provides the following advantages:

  • Allows ICs to save set-up time and start the PCI procedure right away because the system is always on and ready to use
  • Offers on-demand availability for PCI
  • Provides the user with a wireless tableside controller (TSC) of OCT and RFR*/FFR acquisition and review at a procedure table. The TSC also allows for single-operator control of the procedure if needed.
  • Streamlines the PCI procedure by having OCT and coronary physiology always available to guide PCI decision-making

Consideration for use:

The OPTIS™ Integrated System is recommended as your go-to system for imaging and physiology needs, and especially for busy cath labs and high PCI volume centers when the availability of OCT and/or coronary physiology is always needed without advanced arrangements.

 Tableside Controller (TSC)
Tableside Controller (TSC)

OPTIS™ Mobile System: flexibility for multiple cath labs

OPTIS™ Mobile System is a transportable system designed for use in multiple cath labs.

 OPTIS Mobile System
OPTIS™ Mobile System set up with an added QUANTIEN™ Measurement System (white monitor at table's end). Components shown include Wi-Box™ AO Transmitter, DOC, TSC and OCT user interface displayed on the Boom Monitor.

The OPTIS™ Mobile System provides the same functionality as the OPTIS™ Integrated System, but with a mobile system workflow via an easily transportable cart to serve multiple cath labs.

This setup provides the following advantages:

  • Allows multiple cath labs to be configured to one easily transportable cart
  • Mobile system integrates into the cath lab via easy pre-installed connections
  • Accommodates staggered PCI procedures at different times or on different days

Consideration for use:

The OPTIS™ Mobile System is recommended for multiple cath labs that require flexibility or for busy cath labs that already have an OPTIS™ Integrated System and need an additional system as a backup.


*RFR is available with AptiVue™ Imaging Software and Ultreon™ 1.0 Software.


Refer to Instructions For Use (IFU) for additional information.

MAT-2104274 v1.0