Dragonfly OpStar™ Imaging Catheter

Dragonfly OpStar™ Imaging Catheter

Software Compatibility

The Dragonfly OpStar™ Imaging Catheter is compatible with OPTIS™ Next Systems (Ultreon™ Software), OPTIS™ Systems (AptiVue™ Software version E.5.2.1 or higher) and ILUMIEN™ Systems (AptiVue™ Software version D.3 or higher).1

OPTIS™ Next SystemsUltreon™ Software
OPTIS™ Imaging SystemsAptiVue™ Software version E.5.2.1 or higher
ILUMIEN™ SystemsAptiVue™ Software version D.3 or higher


Ultreon™ 2.0 Software

Ultreon 2.0 Software

Ultreon™ 1.0 Software

Compatible OPTIS™ Next System Screen

Ultreon 2.0 Software

Compatible OPTIS™ System Screen

Compatible OPTIS System Screen

Compatible ILUMIEN™ System Screen

Compatible ILUMIEN System Screen

If your system is not compatible with Dragonfly OpStar™ Imaging Catheter, you will see the following error messages.

Incompatible OPTIS™ System Screen

Incompatible OPTIS System Screen

Incompatible ILUMIEN™ System Screen

Incompatible ILUMIEN system screen


  1. Dragonfly OpStar™ Imaging Catheter Instructions for Use (IFU). Refer to IFU for additional information.

MAT-2105998 v2.0