AVEIR DR Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System

Minimally invasive. Catheter based.

The World's First Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System1 does not require chest incisions or pockets.

Our innovative leadless technology allows both atrial and ventricular devices to be implanted in the heart through a minimally invasive catheter procedure. A protective sleeve fully covers the leadless pacemaker during catheter navigation to reduce the risk of device damage and injury to cardiovascular structures.

AVEIR™ DR Leadless Pacemaker System Implant Procedure2

PREP the patient's skin and apply EKG electrodes. Connect to the Merlin™ Programmer via the EKG cable and AVEIR Link Module.

After gaining femoral vein access and visualizing the heart's anatomy and size via imaging, INSERT delivery catheter with attached ventricular leadless pacemaker. Navigate to right ventricle and map for ideal implant site.

FIXATE ventricular leadless pacemaker, go into tether mode to assess electrical measurements, release, and then withdraw the delivery catheter.

Load the atrial leadless pacemaker onto a new delivery catheter, INSERT and navigate to right atrium and map for ideal implant site.

FIXATE atrial leadless pacemaker, go into tether mode to assess electrical measurements, finalize atrial device.

PAIR devices via i2i™ technology, assess i2i™ communication between the two pacemakers, and program dual chamber or an appropriate mode.

RELEASE atrial device, remove delivery catheter and introducer and close access.

For a more detailed workflow, refer to the AVEIR™ DR Instructions For Use (IFU) or contact your Abbott Sales Representative for training.

Innovative Delivery & Retrieval Catheter Technology2,3,4

  • Ergonomic, single operator use.
  • Steerable catheters with deflection mechanism.
  • Protective sleeve fully covers LP's helix to reduce risk of damage and injury.
  • Hydrophilic coating on introducer sheaths with 30 and 50 cm lengths.
AVEIR Delivery Catheter Handle
AVEIR™ Delivery Catheter Handle
AVEIR Retrieval Catheter Handle
AVEIR™ Retrieval Catheter Handle

Delivery Catheter

Misaligning and aligning the ends of the tethers allows for the loading and release of the pacemaker.

Delivery Catheter

Retrieval Tri-Loop Snare

Re-docking mechanism enables retrieval of the pacemaker.

Retrieval Tri-loop Snare


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MAT-2406382 v1.0