Assurity MRI

Single-chamber and Dual-chamber Pacemaker


Education & Training

MRI Resources

The videos below will help you interrogate Abbott pacemakers and will walk you through how to use MRI Mode in MR Conditional pacemakers.

Enabling SJM MRI Activator™ Device for an Assurity MRI Pacemaker
How to Program an Assurity MRI Pacemaker into MRI Ready Mode

Patient Education

Help Your Patients Understand What to Expect

Abbott is committed to helping you support and guide your patients through the key milestones of their cardiovascular healthcare journey. We provide tools and resources to help you educate and engage with your patients. The following are patient resources available for the Assurity MRI pacemakers.

  • This patient brochure introduces pacemakers to your patients and provides helpful information on the procedure, what to expect in recovery and living with a pacemaker.

Manuals & Resources

Customer Service

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

MAT-2104094 v1.0