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Woman with heart failure - recognize the symptoms

All heart failure patients require support from healthcare professionals and family as they are likely to experience dyspnea and anxiety.1 However, women with heart failure are more symptomatic, have more evidence of volume overload, have lower health-related quality of life and greater impairment in their daily activities.2


  • More likely to have an ischemic etiology, history of MI and stroke.3
  • High prevalence of (systemic) hypertension.4
  • More likely to have a history of major comorbidities such as atrial fibrillation (AF), previous MI and stroke.3
  • Higher lifetime risk for systolic dysfunction – HFrEF.5
an illustration of a man and a woman


  • More likely to experience swollen ankles, peripheral edema and rales, as signs of congestion.3
  • Higher prevalence of (pulmonary artery) hypertension.2-5
  • More likely to have HFpEF which is associated with higher exercise intolerance.6
  • More likely to be older when diagnosed (after menopause).3-5,6

Symptoms of Heart Failure in Women

symptoms of heart failure misdiagnosis

Sadness, depression & anxiety


Coughing when lying down


Fatigue and shortness of breath


Abdominal bloating, discomfort & weight gain


Edema, swollen legs, ankles and feet


In addition to the differences in diagnosis and symptoms, women also suffer from more physical and social restrictions due to lack of energy and higher impact of HF on women’s psychological attitude.6  This continues after diagnosis. After 1-year follow-ups, women with HF have lower vitality and physical function than men.6  Fifty percent of women get the wrong treatment.7

Women survive 11% less than men after a heart failure diagnosis.8

graphic showing a line of people with a less than sign

What’s Next: Heart Failure Management Options


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