A Comprehensive Program Supporting VAD Patient Care

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VAD Patient Care

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Learn About Acelis VAD Services

Acelis Connected Health (ACH) is a leading source for external VAD equipment, driveline supplies, and remote patient monitoring services that support your VAD therapy at home.

ACH VADWatch™ Remote Monitoring enables you and your doctor to track key health metrics using easy-to-read reports so you can reduce the likelihood of unnecessary visits to the clinical or hospital.

We Supply a Comprehensive Range of External VAD Equipment

Our support includes external equipment for HeartMate™ LVAD, HeartWare™ and Syncardia.


Control and Power Devices

From controllers and power modules, to batteries, universal battery chargers and cables, we offer all the essentials for your VAD.


VAD Accessories

We provide the items that support daily activities with VAD controllers and batteries, including vests, belts, shower bags and other products.


Driveline Management

Our customizable kits include the supplies required to secure your driveline and protect against infection.

Supply VAD Equipment

Our HealthCheck App Conveniently Connects You and Your Provider

When enrolled in the VADWatch™ Remote Patient Monitoring Program, you can transmit your results using your smartphone or tablet to your healthcare team from the comfort of home. You can use your tablet or smartphone to take and share pictures of your driveline site that may help your physician identify the possibility of infection. If enabled, the app relays customized messages and notifications such as upcoming test dates.

HealthCheck app

We Provide You with Ongoing VAD Support

We ship supplies directly to your home after discharge. And our HealthCheck™ app makes it easy for you to reorder when necessary. We can also customize Driveline Management Kits to specific needs and protocols for your clinic.

Ongoing Support

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