RX AccuLink™
Carotid Stent System

Accuracy and Flexibility

Innovative design for accuracy, flexibility and conformability.

Innovative Design

  • Offers high coverage to reduce embolic risk
  • Both straight and tapered stent options
  • Tapered design allows natural diameter match and avoids excessive radial force in smaller diameters1
  • Nitinol material provides strength, crush resistance, conformability and flexibility

Deliverability and Usability

  • Rapid exchange delivery system for single operator use and fast exchanges
  • Unique handle allows easy, single-handed deployment while retracting sheath
  • Finger-pull deployment allows accurate stent placement

Low Profile

  • Deliverable .014" low-profile system
  • 6F sheath/8F guiding catheter compatible
  • Compatible with 100 cm guiding catheters and sheaths

  1. van den Berg JC, How Self Expanding Bare-Metal Stent Design Can Affect Procedural Results. Endovascular Today. 2018; volume 6

     Tests performed by and data on file at Abbott.


Preparation & Deployment

Ordering Information

RX Acculink® Carotid Stent System
Stent DiameterStock NumberICA Reference Vessel DiameterCCA Reference Vessel Diameter (mm)
20 (mm)30 (mm)40 (mm)
6.0-8.0 taperN/A1011343-301011343-404.3-5.45.7-7.3
7.0-10.0 taperN/A1011344-301011344-405.0-6.47.1-9.1

MAT-2106471 v1.0

Important Safety Information