FlexAbility Ablation Catheter, Sensor

FlexAbility Ablation Catheter, Sensor Enabled

Clinical Evidence

Evidence for the Unique and Effective Tip1

The flexible tip design of the FlexAbility™ Ablation Catheter, Sensor Enabled™ may reduce procedural risk with directed flow and tip temperature monitoring.2-4

  • In a comparative in vivo study, the FlexAbility Ablation Catheter, SE demonstrated comparable lesion creation with significantly fewer steam pops.4,5
  • A temperature-sensitive thermocouple, located 0.3 mm from the distal tip, may serve as an important indicator for monitoring tip temperature.4
  • No instances of charring or coagulum formation were observed during a 179-patient multicenter trial.6

Next-Generation Shaft Technology

The FlexAbility Ablation Catheter, SE combines optimized planarity, torque response and durability.

  • A new braid configuration on the proximal region optimizes torqueability.7
  • The reconfigured shaft combines:
    • Greater curve angles (between 180 and 230 degrees).8,9
    • Optimized torque response and deflection force.7-9
  • The unidirectional handle option provides better return-to-straight functionality.7-9
  • Wire management design maximizes planarity and significantly improves durability.8,9
Curved shaft of the FlexAbility Irrigated Ablation Catheter
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ThermoCool is a trademark of Biosense Webster, Inc.

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