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Product SpecificationsTendril STS™ 2088Tendril MRI™
Connector TypeIS-1 BipolarIS-1 Bipolar
Lead Introducer (minimum recommended)6F8F
Lead body diameter1.9 mm2.2 mm
Fixation mechanismExtendable/Retractable HelixExtendable/Retractable Helix
Electrode Configuration:
 •  Tip
 •  Ring
 •  Helix
 •  Cylindrical
 •  Helix
 •  Cylindrical
Electrode Spacing: Tip to Right10 mm10 mm
Lead tip length (helix extension)2 mm1.8 mm
Lead tip with soft silicone sleeveYesYes
Insulation TypeOptimOptim
MR Conditional*YesYes
*Tendril pacing leads are 1.5T MR conditional. Tendril STS leads are 3T MR Conditional.  Check the MRI ready manual for MR Conditional lead and device combinations, MRI scan parameteres, and safety information. 


Tendril™ STS Pacing Lead

Reorder NumberInsulationFixationMinimum Introducer (F)ConnectorLengths (cm)
2008TC/46OptimExt/Ret Helix6IS-1 bipolar46
2088TC/52OptimExt/Ret Helix6IS-1 bipolar52
2088TC/58OptimExt/Ret Helix6IS-1 bipolar58
2088TC/65**OptimExt/Ret Helix6IS-1 bipolar65
2088TC/100**OptimExt/Ret Helix6IS-1 bipolar100
**Lead lengths are not MR conditional

Tendril™ MRI Pacing Lead

Reorder NumberInsulationFixationMinimum Introducer (F)ConnectorLengths (CM)
LPA1200M/46OptimExt/Ret Helix8IS-1 bipolar46
LPA1200M/52OptimExt/Ret Helix8IS-1 bipolar52
LPA1200M/58OptimExt/Ret Helix8IS-1 bipolar58

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