Quadripolar LV Lead

Quartet LV Lead Family

Model NumberShapeTotal Electrode Spacing (mm)InsulationMinimum Curve HeightLead Body (F)ConnectorLengths (CM)
1456QSmall-S40Optim™84.7IS4-LLLL75, 86*
1457QDouble Bend47Optim™164.7IS4-LLLL75, 86*
1458QTraditional S47Optim™164.7IS4-LLLL75, 86*, 92
1458QLTraditional S60Optim™164.7IS4-LLLL75, 86*
  • This document features product highlights, ordering information and physical specifications for the Quartet™ LV lead family.

  • This document shows the distal shape options of the Quartet LV lead family, including the Large-S, Small-S and the Double Bend. It also shows the total electrode spacing options, including 40, 47 and 60 mm.

*Indicates lead lengths that are MR Conditional (field strength of 1.5T or 3T, depending on MRI Ready device). See MRI Ready systems manual for more information.

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