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Connecting You to Your Patients Through Remote Monitoring

SyncUp™ support experts work directly with your patients to set up their Abbott remote monitoring apps. The experts deliver one-on-one education to help a patient understand how to use the app and how remote monitoring works—all from the comfort of the patient’s home.

  • Patients can learn in a low-stress environment, their home, which has been shown to increase information retention and encourage compliance.1
  • HRS guidelines recommend all cardiovascular implantable electronic device (CIED) patients should be offered remote monitoring as part of standard follow-up.2
  • Support services can reduce the time patients need to stay post-procedure for app setup.
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A Smooth Setup and Patient Experience

Patients are enrolled in™ patient care network at implant. Abbott SyncUp support experts contact patients after enrollment is confirmed.

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The patient is given a brochure after implant letting them know they will be contacted by an Abbott SyncUp support expert. The expert will assist them in setting up their remote monitoring app. Patients should watch for a call from Abbott SyncUp support on their home CallerID or 1-877-756-4873 on their smartphone.

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Within five days of receiving their implant, an Abbott SyncUp support expert will work with your patient to get connected. The expert will:

  • Determine if the patient’s smartphone can support using the mobile app for sending device transmissions and if not, help identify other options such as an Abbott mobile transmitter
  • Help the patient download and pair the app to their device
  • Explain how to use the app and educate the patient about remote monitoring
  • Answer their questions related to remote monitoring
  • Assist with a transmission to your clinic, if needed

If the patient requires a Spanish-speaking expert, we will have one available.

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                    SyncUP Remote Monitoring Support Overview and Experiences (03:50)

Learn about SyncUP Remote Monitoring Support, a service from Abbott, supporting those with an Abbott device in learning how to keep their remote monitoring app connected to their Bluetooth® device. Dr. Rajdeep Gaitonde, D.O. and Jodi A. Loyd, APRN describe their experience with the SyncUP support program.

Enabling You to Focus on Patient Care

Count on the Abbott SyncUp support experts to help your patients get connected.

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