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Hope is a Heartbeat Away: Witness the Transformative Power of the AVEIR™ DR Leadless Pacemaker System

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | November 27, 2023

Older man swinging a pickle ball racket

Independence and experiencing life on his own terms, that’s what drives Dennis, and why he never stops moving and refuses to let anything hinder his active lifestyle. Gym sessions and pickleball were his regular rituals until a sudden breathlessness halted him. This wasn’t merely a sign of aging or a decline in fitness; it was something different

Seeking answers, Dennis consulted his cardiologist, who gave him a worrisome heart block diagnosis and recommended a pacemaker. Contrary to the conventional image of a clunky device under the skin, Dennis’ doctor proposed something revolutionary: the AVEIR DR Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System.

Designed to treat conditions like sick sinus syndrome, chronic symptomatic second- and third-degree AV block, and symptomatic bilateral bundle-branch block when tachyarrhythmia and other causes have been ruled out, the AVEIR DR Leadless Pacemaker System is now available for all patients requiring a pacemaker.1 As the world’s first and only dual chamber leadless pacemaker system2, it stands out by eliminating the need for a pacemaker pocket and leads (wires), liberating patients from the arm restrictions common with traditional pacemakers. Patients also avoid experiencing pocket- and lead-related complications, like infections or lead fractures.3

Undergoing the minimally invasive procedure was a turning point for Dennis. Not only were there no visible scarring and pacemaker bulge serving as constant reminders, but the recovery was also swift. He marveled at how quickly his life returned to normal and even improved. “I’ve come back to where I was maybe…two, three, four years ago. There was no downtime. You just wake up and BOOM! You’re back to normal.”

Soon after receiving his implant, Dennis celebrated his 82nd birthday. “I’m free to go swimming…play pickleball…I’m free to do whatever I want to do,” he said. The AVEIR DR Leadless Pacemaker System restored his health and reassured him that he could continue to live his life without limitations. Dennis noted, “This system has given me the assurance that I can continue to be who I am and who I want to be in my life.”

To learn more about Dennis’ inspiring journey, watch this video. For more details on the groundbreaking AVEIR DR Leadless Pacemaker System, including never-before-seen results from a system of its kind, visit our site.


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