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Remote Programmability to Streamline Cardiac Monitor Workflow and Optimize Patient Care

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | February 29, 2024
Assert IQ ICM

Here at Abbott, we’re introducing the future of cardiac care with the Assert-IQ™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM), the longest lasting Bluetooth®-enabled ICM with full functionality and no compromises.1-7 Assert-IQ ICM detects arrhythmias more accurately and captures new IQ insights that go beyond diagnostics to enable more informed decision making. The remote programming feature allows you to improve the workflow of your practice by adjusting detection parameters and device settings anytime to optimize the performance of the device without requiring the patient to visit the clinic.*

The remote programming process is simple, intuitive, and secure on the Merlin.net™ Patient Care Network (PCN). This system offers enhanced security features and safeguards, such as two-factor authentication, to ensure only authorized personnel have access to make programming changes within your clinic. The myMerlin™ Mobile App automatically checks in with the connected device every 20 seconds without any action needed from your patients. If a remote programming change is pending, the changes will be implemented automatically the next time the device connects. Clinicians will also receive a separate remote programming report in Merlin.net PCN to confirm execution of the programmed changes.

Remote programmability

Learn more by viewing the video below that demonstrates clinic set-up and shows how all device settings and detection parameters for the Assert-IQ ICM can be programmed remotely.

By providing the capability to remotely configure Assert-IQ for your patients, remote programming helps your focus remain on optimizing care. Having pioneered the introduction of the world’s first Bluetooth®-enabled ICM, Abbott has developed the Assert-IQ ICM with novel advancements that you can learn about here.

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*Available on DM5500/DM5300.



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