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Abbott Introduces AVEIR™ VR Leadless Pacemaker and Spotlights Full Product Portfolio at Annual HRS Conference

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | September 14, 2022
aveir introduced at hrs

Abbott unveiled its recently FDA-approved AVEIR™ VR Leadless Pacemaker (LP) at the annual Heart Rhythm Society (HRS) conference held in San Francisco, California, from April 29 – May 1, 2022.


Unveiling AVEIR VR LP was an exciting hallmark of this year’s event. There were live demonstrations of the AVEIR VR LP system, which generated much buzz and interest around the Abbott booth. AVEIR VR LP was also part of our New Product Showcase and was included at an interactive demonstration counter. Several physician presentations in our in-booth theater highlighted the key features and data of AVEIR VR LP. 

One of those presentations was an inspiring patient story where Dr. Rahul Doshi, MD, FHRS, of Honor Health in Scottsdale, Arizona, discussed the implantation advantages of AVEIR VR LP, alongside the first U.S. patient implanted with the device, Chelsey Cornwall.

The moving presentation offered a rare opportunity to hear from a patient who also is an Abbott CRM employee. Dr. Doshi and Chelsey offered insight and perspective from both the clinician and patient point of view, both pre- and post-implant. Watch the presentation for more information and insights.

Another in-booth discussion about AVEIR VR LP was presented by Dr. Vivek Reddy, Director of Cardiac Arrhythmia Services, Mount Sinai Hospital and Health System and Global Steering Committee Chair for the AVEIR Leadless II Study, who spoke about the safety and efficacy of AVEIR VR LP based on results of the Leadless II Phase II trial. 

Dr. Reddy discussed improvements and advantages offered by AVEIR VR LP in comparison to the predicate device, including 12% longer battery life, a modified docking button to improve retrievability, and a modified delivery and retrieval system with an ergonomic design. The device was successfully implanted in 98% of the patients. Endpoints for both safety and efficacy were achieved, where 96% of patients met safety endpoint and 95.9% of patients met efficacy endpoint. He emphasized that 83% of cases did not require repositioning during implant, attributable to AVEIR VR LP's mapping capabilities prior to fixation, and there was no dislodgement reported through six weeks. He also reviewed implanter survey results, where AVEIR VR LP compared favorably to its predicate device.

Be sure to watch the full presentation. To learn more about AVEIR VR LP and its advantages, visit the AVEIR VR LP product page.


Innovation Suite and New Product Showcase

Abbott’s Innovation Suite and New Product Showcase at the HRS 2022 conference also featured other revolutionary new devices. The company’s full product portfolio lineup was on display, including our solutions for heart failure such as Gallant™ HF CRT-D, Entrant™ HF CRT-D with CorVue™, and Quadra Allure™ MP CRT-P. Other products include pacemakers and ICDs such as Assurity™ MRI pacemaker, Tendril™ STS pacing leads, Gallant™ ICD, and Entrant™ ICD, insertable cardiac monitors such as the Jot Dx™, and connectivity solutions such as Merlin 2™, myMerlin™, and myMerlinPlus™.


Presentations and Discussions

In-booth presentations related to these products featured a discussion led by Dr. Rajdeep Gaitonde, DO, FHRS, who addressed solutions for remote monitoring and connectivity, including patient compliance and how physicians utilize data, as well as Abbott’s SyncUP™ technology. 

Remote monitoring has been demonstrated to improve both clinical and economic outcomes for patients with ICMs, but there is a huge need for streamlining the remote monitoring process, explained Dr. Gaitonde. The Jot Dx unique toggle feature allows clinicians to see all episodes vs. just three per day, making it easier to mine and process data. Learn more about these features and functions at the Jot Dx product page.


Dr. Gaitonde also addressed the benefits of the SyncUP service, including elevating the patient experience with a dedicated Abbott support team, driving long-term patient compliance, delivering improved hospital efficiency and workflow for physicians, and leveraging success for further service expansion. 



Dr. John Summers of SSM Health Medical Group discussed advances in algorithms and discriminators in Abbott’s ICMs, including a review of ICM algorithms and discriminators as well as Abbott’s SharpSense™ technology, the Key Episodes feature that is unique to the Jot Dx ICM, and a preview of what lies ahead. The Jot Dx Key Episodes feature provides for episodic data unique to each arrhythmia type, he explained, with no loss of accuracy and no delay to diagnosis.

To learn more about Abbott’s complete portfolio of Cardiac Rhythm Management products and solutions, visit our cardiovascular products page. Or, if you would prefer to reach out to us for a more in-depth conversation, contact us.

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