Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

HBR Series

Dr. Aloke Finn, interventional cardiologist and researcher in the area of blood biomaterials, shares his research and catches you up on the latest data for short-term dual anti-platelet therapy (DAPT) in High Bleeding Risk (HBR) patients, including which stent types are ideally suited to DAPT.

Dr. Jai Khatri

What Is The Criteria?

Learn the definitions and prevalence of HBR patients

Definition of High Bleeding Risk (HBR) in Coronary Patients Video
Stent Considerations for High Bleeding Risk (HBR) Patients Video


The Stent Matters

Patient considerations when implanting a stent

Permanent Polymer Protection when Implanting Stent Video


Permanent Polymer Protection

Cellular-level interactions when implanting a stent

Stent options for HBR and short-DAPT patients Video


What Is the Evidence?

Stent options for HBR and short-DAPT patients

XIENCE 28 & 90 HBR short-DAPT Video


XIENCE 28 & 90

What does XIENCE 28 & 90 tell us about short-DAPT patients?

ARC Definitions of HBR Patients Video


Treatment Decisions

Patient-scoring using ARC definitions of HBR patients

Stent Options for real HBR Patients Video


Patient-Centered Discussions

Stent options with real-world HBR patients

HBR Patient Questions Prior to Stent Implantation Video


Real World Questions Answered

Patient questions that should be answered prior to implanting a stent



Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

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