EnSite Precision

Cardiac Mapping System

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The EnSite Precision™ Cardiac Mapping System is comprised of three groups of components; the EnSite™ Amplifier, the display workstation and the EnSite Precision™ Module. The system includes the EnSite™ Courier™ PACs Module v3.0, EnSite™ Derexi™ Module v.1.3.1, EnSite™ Verismo™ Module v.2.0.1 and EnSite™ Fusion™ Module v.7.1. Disposable components and expansion modules commonly used with the system are listed below.

Reorder NumberDescription
H702496EnSite Precision™ Module Software
H702470EnSite Precision™ Module Hardware
EN0020-PEnSite Precision™ Surface Electrode Kit
H702498EnSite AutoMap Module v.1.0
H702500EnSite Contact Force Module v.2.0
EC1000EnSite™ Array™ Catheter
AM901EnSite Precision™ System Assurance Plus Plan

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This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

MAT-2012360 v1.0