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CoagClinic™ is a comprehensive application designed for healthcare providers of anticoagulation patients with data collection, prescription management, and custom reporting tools that support streamlined, fully informed decision-making.


✓  Near real-time INR Results

✓  Out-of-range alerts

✓  Electronic prescription submission

✓  HL7 interface to EMR system

Coag Clinic


VADWatch™ is a remote monitoring platform for healthcare providers who manage ventricular assist device (VAD) therapy.


✓  Patient physiological monitoring

✓  Send and receive patient communications

✓  Helps manage electronic prescriptions (using eRx)

✓  Dashboard-based inventory management with Expired and Expiring notifications

✓  Supports our HealthCheck Pro mobile app

Coag Clinic

Source: Acelis data on file 2015-2022. Excludes patients transitioned away off service <2yrs (competitor / changed insurance) and excludes patients transplanted/explanted <2 years. 2,029 patients in Non-VADWatch cohort; 750 patients in VADWatch cohort

HealthCheck Pro

Introducing HealthCheck Pro - developed exclusively for providers. It’s the versatile, clinical version of our HealthCheck app that simplifies self-testing for patients. Offering a secure, mobile connection to your patients and prescriptions, HealthCheck Pro integrates key features of CoagClinic™, VADWatch™ and eRx. It’s an easy way to receive notifications, review PST results, and manage prescriptions and inventory.

Features Include:

✓  PST Management

✓  Overdue Patient List

✓  Patient Notifications

✓  Inventory Management

✓  eRx Sign off & Renew

✓  Secure Login


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