Jot Dx ICM

Jot Dx ICM

Only Jot Dx ICM from Abbott puts you in complete control

Jot Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) is the latest medical technology advancement only from Abbott that helps people get back to living their best lives, faster.

Jot Dx ICM is powered by SyncUP™ - a concierge service, provided by Abbott that helps patients get connected to the myMerlin™ mobile app so that data is automatically sent to your clinic. 


Select between three key episodes* or all episode data and so that you can get precise and actionable data without feeling overwhelmed by data burden. 

Flexibilty to match the needs of your clinic or individual patients.

Discover what Jot Dx has to offer by watching our short video below 

Decrease Your Data Burden,
Increase Control

Jot Dx product image
Jot Dx product image

Focus your diagnostic data

Choose to view three key episodes* for a patient or facility.

Decrease your data burden on average by

With Key Episodes turned on and Jot Dx ICM pause algorithm improvements

63% circular graphic

Potential Staff Time Savings From Reduced Data Burden

All patients2

Hours/year reduction

120 Clinic Personnel
36 Electrophysiologists

Top 25th percentile patients2

Hours/year reduction

300 Clinic Personnel
96 Electrophysiologists

Manage With Flexibility to get all Episodes

For hard-to-detect arrhythmias you can toggle to view all episodes for a specific patient, rather than three key episodes. You can also view all episodes facility-wide.

Toggle Episodes


Get Episode Data Unique to each arrhythmia type

Key episodes are uniquely programmed to evaluate each arrhythmia differently: AFib, Tachy, Brady and Pause each have a novel set of evaluation criteria that make up the three key episodes. This ensures you receive the most insightful data based on arrhythmia type.

Better selection criteria sets Jot Dx ICM apart from others that use a standard set of criteria for all types.

Arrhythmia Types

Diagnose with Confidence

Even with three key episodes turned on, there is no loss of accuracy, and virtually no delay-to-diagnosis.2

Arrhythmia Diagnosis

Detect With Accuracy

Yellow background banner
Yellow background banner

With Sharpsense Technology, Greater P-Wave and R-Wave Visibility Detect True Episodes.

Jot Dx ICM with SharpSense™ technology improves accuracy of all episodes by harnessing the power of extra discriminators to confirm or reject detections – significantly improving the accuracy of Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia and Pause detected episodes.

Graphic demonstrating Sharpsense Technology

Relative Sensitivity

Bradycardia 99.9%
Pause 99.6%
AFib 98.6%

overall reduction in false positives5

Retrospective analysis of a Global Registry demonstrates SharpSense™ technology significantly reduces false detection of AFib, Bradycardia and Pause episodes.

 97.8% reduction in false positives


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*Key episodes is a feature of™
**Determined by evaluation of real-world episodes in previously identified devices, using SharpSense™ technology.

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™ Indicates a trademark of the Abbott group of companies.
 Indicates a third-party trademark, which is property of its respective owner.

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