Entrant HF

Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator (CRT-D)

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MRI Safety

The Entrant™ CRT-D is MR Conditional when used with MR Conditional leads for full body scans using a 1.5T or 3T field strength MRI scanner.

For additional information about specific MR Conditional devices and leads, including scan parameters, warnings, precautions, adverse conditions to MRI scanning and potential adverse events, please refer to the Abbott MRI Ready Systems Manual.

Abbott’s MRI-Ready High Voltage Device Setup for Gallant and Entrant ICD and CRT-D

Learn the steps for safely preparing Abbott’s MRI-Ready GallantTM and EntrantTM High Voltage ICD and CRT-D devices for an MRI scan.

MRI Settings

MRI SettingsSetting
TACHY TherapyDisabled
MRI ModeDOO; VOO; AOO; Pacing Off
MRI Base Rate30-100 bpm
MRI Paced AV Delay25-110 ms
MRI; RA and; RV; Pulse; Amplitude5.0 or 7.5 V
MRI RA and RV Pulse Width1.0 ms
MRI; RA; and; RV; Pulse; ConfigurationBipolar
MRI V Pacing ChamberRV Only
MRI Timeout3; 6; 9; 12; 24 hours; Off

MRI Scan Parameters

Lead ModelLead LengthsMagnet (Tesla)RF Transmit ConditionsScan Region
Quartet™ ;LV ;Lead
1456Q,; 1457Q,; 1458Q,; 1458QL
86 cm1.5T / 3TNormal Operating ModeFull-body
Durata™; Defibrillation; Lead
7120Q, 7122Q
58, 65  cm1.5T / 3T
Optisure™ Defibrillation Lead
LDA220Q, LDA210Q
58, 65 cm1.5T / 3T
Tendril™; STS; Pacing; Lead
46, 52 cm1.5T / 3T
Tendril MRI™ Pacing Lead
46, 52 cm1.5T
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