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Meet Leadless Clinical Specialist, Bernie Girman!

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | June 20, 2023
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Meet Leadless Clinical Specialist, Bernie Girman!

Working in the Cardiac Rhythm Management field since 1996, Bernie Girman now finds himself in the most interesting role of his career advancing Abbott’s new technology including the AVEIR™ VR Leadless Pacemaker (LP). He took a moment to answer some of our questions about working for Abbott.

Q. How would you describe your role as a Leadless Clinical Specialist (LCS)?

A. On a daily basis, I am part teacher, part proctor, part sales rep and part investigator. We wear many hats, and the daily flex keeps things interesting.

Q. What does a typical day look like for you?

A. There really is no “typical” day. As an LCS, we can be on an airplane to support an implant in a different state, doing an in-service with a local team, conducting a physician training session, teaching in the Austin office, meeting with a physician in support of a local team or on a series of calls engaging with other LCS team members to advance our understanding of the product/procedure.

Q. What drew you to become an LCS at Abbott?

A. I have been with St Jude Medical since 2006, and was brought to Abbott by the acquisition of St Jude. I’m very proud to be a part of these exciting times for Abbott with the introduction of AVEIR VR LP. My role can be very challenging on many fronts, requiring me to rely on what I’ve learned over a long career and putting the best parts into practice every day. What makes it exciting now is being a part of successful therapy for patients and helping physicians learn to do that safely and effectively.

Q. What do you love best about your job?

A. The team I work with, constantly learning, being able to travel to meet new people, see new places – it’s all wonderful. But the absolute best part of my job is helping to change patient lives with the innovative technology.

Q. What was the most impactful AVEIR VR LP case you’ve worked on?

A. I was able to assist in the implantation in a young mother of two. Her diagnosis was infrequent syncope, and the ability to give this mom the therapy she needs to hold her toddler and baby without worry of being syncopal was very impactful. She was able to go home immediately and hold them without concern for an incision or pain at the shoulder – that was all life changing for her.

Q. What do you like to do when you’re not working?

A. I enjoy watching The Great British Baking Show and European Crime Series on Netflix. I recently relocated to New York City as part of my LCS role with my wife and dog Ziggy. I’m still exploring here and really enjoying all the city has to offer.

Abbott is proud of its Leadless Clinical Specialists like Bernie who are the product and therapy experts in the field providing procedural, technical, clinical and educational sales leadership. If you’re interested in joining our team focused on life-changing technology for physicians and their patients, visit the Abbott Jobs page and search for Cardiac Rhythm Management.

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