APP Learning Pathway


Third Phase in the APP Learning Pathway

The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Learning Pathway is designed to support healthcare providers with CardioMEMS™ HF System resources. New, as well as experienced, healthcare providers will find content covering implant information, patient management, hemodynamics and overall workflow.

We have broken down the APP learning pathway into three phases:

  1. Understand the use and benefits of the CardioMEMS™ HF System and™ PCN.
  2. Appropriate candidate identification and utilization of patient education resources.
  3. Support your day-to-day clinical practice and maximize effective interventions.

In this third phase, we offer Abbott webinars and Abbott guides and online resources that cover a variety of additional resources that can be used for heart failure management. These resources cover more information on PCN, clinical interventions, administration and billing practices and more.

Clinical Interventions Resources

InStruct™ Patient Education Pathway:
CardioMEMS™ HF System


Enroll patients in the InStruct™ Patient Education Pathways to augment and standardize the education provided by clinicians to patients and caregivers.


Selecting Patients for the myCardioMEMS™ App

This brochure explains how to select if your patient is a good candidate to use the myCardioMEMS App.

myCardioMEMS App Instructional Visual Guide

This instructional guide is a visual guide that helps nurses and clinicians set up their patients or caregivers on the myCardioMEMS App.

myCardioMEMS App Patient Training Flyer

This flyer explains how to train a patient on how to use the myCardioMEMS App with step-by-step directions.

Additional Resources

Guides and Courses

Next Steps

This concludes our APP learning pathway. You can review the full APP learning pathway or contact Abbott for any questions you have.

 Questions about Training & Education

Questions about Training & Education

Technical Assistance & Support

Technical Assistance & Support

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