APP Learning Pathway


First Phase in the APP Learning Pathway

The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Learning Pathway is designed to support healthcare providers with CardioMEMS™ HF System resources. New, as well as experienced, healthcare providers will find content covering implant information, patient management, hemodynamics and overall workflow.

We have broken down the APP learning pathway into three phases:

  1. Understand the use and benefits of the CardioMEMS™ HF System and™ PCN.
  2. Appropriate candidate identification and utilization of patient education resources.
  3. Support your day-to-day clinical practice and maximize effective interventions.

In this first phase, we offer Abbott webinars, Abbott guides and online resources that cover a general overview of the CardioMEMS HF System, it’s use, benefits and indications, and review general right heart catheterization and hemodynamic information.

CardioMEMS HF System General Introduction

Webinars and Videos

About the CardioMEMS HF System

In this video, we cover how the CardioMEMS HF System provides the actionable data physicians need to empower intelligent remote monitoring.

CardioMEMS HF System Implant Procedure Video

Watch an animated explanation of the implant procedure for the CardioMEMS HF System.


The CardioMEMS HF System Program Practice Guide

Download the Program Practice Guide to learn how to efficiently manage clinical programs for heart failure patients who have received a CardioMEMS HF System.

CardioMEMS HF System Patient Candidate Considerations

Download this PDF for a quick way to identify patients who might be good candidates for remote heart failure monitoring.

CardioMEMS HF System Patient Discharge Procedure Checklist

This patient discharge procedure checklist can be used by patient care teams to review important steps to set patients up for success at home.

General Hemodynamics Introduction



PA Pressures - How Can They Guide Management?

Terrie-Ann Benjamin, MD, MHS, explains the use of hemodynamics and evaluation of the right heart catheterization data as it relates to heart failure patients and managing CardioMEMS HF System patients with the PCN.

Next Steps

For the second phase of the APP learning pathways, visit resources covering patient management.

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Contact Learning Pathways

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Questions about Training & Education

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Technical Assistance & Support

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