APP Learning Pathway

Advanced Practice Providers  Learning Pathway

The Advanced Practice Provider (APP) Learning Pathway is designed to support healthcare providers with CardioMEMS™ HF System resources. New, as well as experienced, healthcare providers will find information covering implant information, patient management, hemodynamics and overall workflow.

Learning Pathway Objectives

  • Understand the use and benefits of the CardioMEMS HF System and™ PCN
  • Identify appropriate patients for the technology and how to access and use patient education resources
  • Support your day-to-day clinical practice and maximize effective interventions

APP Learning Pathway phases

We have broken down the APP learning pathway into three phases

  • First Phase

    General resources covering the use, benefits and indications of the CardioMEMS HF System as well as right heart catheterization and hemodynamics information.

  • Second Phase

    Resources covering patient management foundations including how to identify candidates and use the Patient Care Network.

  • Third Phase

    Additional resources that cover day-to-day clinical practice and administrative and billing processes.

We recommend starting with the first phase and moving through all sections, but if you are interested in resources on a particular area, you can navigate directly there.

Questions about Training & Education

Questions about Training & Education

 Technical Assistance & Support

Technical Assistance & Support

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