Professional Medical
Education & Fellowship

Abbott supports medical education grants that advance scientific knowledge and improve patient wellness through two programs:

  • Professional medical education grants
  • Fellowship program grants

Professional Medical Education Grants

Our grants support healthcare institutions, professional associations and societies, and continuing education providers in producing independent medical education events. Areas of interest include cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrhythmia, electrophysiology, heart failure and structural heart therapies.

Application Details

Complete grant applications must be submitted online at least 45 days prior to the program start date.

Keep in mind that:

  • Grants can be used for general expenses, such as accreditation, audio/visual, management expenses, marketing and room rental.
  • Grants cannot be used for speaker or attendee expenses like honoraria, food and beverages, travel or lodging.
  • Organizers should submit one application per event.
  • We do not fund year-long or ongoing educational programs (except for fellowship programs).

Fellowship Program Grants

Abbott provides funding for medical institutions to administer their own fellowship programs in the areas of cardiovascular disease, cardiac arrhythmia, electrophysiology, heart failure and structural heart therapies.

The Sunshine Act, also known as “Open Payments,” is a federal law that requires healthcare manufacturers to track and report payments and transfers of value (POTV) to certain healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). Fellowship funding from Abbott is subject to Sunshine Act reporting.


Application Details

Administrators of fellowship programs can submit applications between October 1 and March 1. Applicants will be notified of decisions by April 15.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Fellowship grants are for fellowship programs to distribute to fellow recipients of their choice.
    • An organization, not an individual, must submit the application.
    • Do not include fellows’ names with the application.
    • After you have awarded your fellowship, you will be required to provide the fellow’s name and identifying information for Sunshine Act reporting.
    • Indicate a physical mailing address in your application. P.O. boxes are not accepted.
  • You’ll be asked to upload one or more of the following documents with your application:
    • Letter of Request (on letterhead, including amount requested)
    • Agenda (including times, topics, faculty), brochure or invitation
    • Estimated total budget for the program
    • W-9 form
    • Additional documents that you may be required to upload are listed within the application process.
  • Abbott awards grants annually, so you will need to apply each year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who reviews grant applications, and what do they consider during review?

The Abbott Grant Committee reviews and makes decisions for all grant applications. During its review of applications, it considers:

  • Whether the application satisfies the grants program criteria
  • The quality of the event, activity or program
  • The available budget for grants


Can my Abbott sales representative make sure my grant application is approved?

No. Consistent with the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and Abbott policy, Abbott does not permit sales or marketing personnel to participate on the company Grant Committee.

If our grant was approved last year, can we assume it will be approved this year?

No. Always submit your grant request allowing plenty of time to seek alternative funding in case the Grant Committee decides to eliminate or reduce the support you received in the past.

How is the education grants program structured?

Abbott provides grants for programs related to cardiac arrhythmia, electrophysiology, heart failure, coronary, structural heart and vascular therapies.

How long will it take for a decision on my grant application?

Most grant applications are approved or denied within six weeks after we received a complete application, including all required documentation.

If the grant committee approves less than I requested, or my application is denied, may I resubmit a grant application for the unapproved amount to the grant committee?

No, the grant committee does not approve multiple grant requests for the same event, activity or program. There are other possible sources of funding within Abbott that could be appropriate for events that did not qualify for a grant. Please contact us for more information.

Important Disclosures

Abbott is required by federal and state transparency regulations to report most payments involving physicians (directly and indirectly). During the formal application process, you will be asked to certify that you will provide Abbott with any information or assurances it needs to satisfy such transparency obligations. Failure to do so may require you to return some or all of the grant funds awarded by Abbott and will make you ineligible to receive funding in the future. Further detail will be provided on the information and/or assurances you will be required to provide. Your compliance is required, and Abbott cannot make any exceptions.

Complying with anti-kickback laws, the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and the Physician Payments Sunshine Act is mandatory for our business and is in our customer’s best interest.

Code of Ethics Supporter

Abbott is certified to follow the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.

Physician Payments Sunshine Act

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act is a federal law that requires healthcare manufacturers to track and report payments and transfers of value (POTV) to certain healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). Congress passed the Sunshine Act in 2010 in the interest of providing greater transparency into interactions between the healthcare industry and healthcare providers. Abbott supports the goals of the Sunshine Act because we recognize that transparency inspires public trust and confidence. Learn more about the sunshine act.

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