Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

Physiology Series

Dr. Allen Jeremias shares his passion for physiology as he explores the need for routine physiology assessments, examines current guidelines and discusses the rationale behind when to treat and when to defer.

Dr. Allen Jeremias

Physiology Improves Outcomes

The compelling data on the use of physiology in PCI

Data on the Use of Physiology in PCI Video
Physiology Guidelines Video


Guidelines to Physiology

How to use physiology in your treatment strategy

When to Treat or Defer Coronary Lesion Video


Treat or Defer

Determine when to treat or defer a coronary lesion using physiology

Testing Indices Correlation Video


Resting Indices in Practice

Correlating the current resting indices

Physiology-Guided PCI Video


Physiology-Guided PCI

Using physiology to guide your PCI

Post-PCI Physiology Video


Post-PCI Physiology

Results surrounding post-PCI physiological assessments



Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

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