Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Series

Watch Dr. Jai Khatri explore his algorithmic approach and treatment strategies for Chronic Total Occlusions (CTO).

Dr. Jai Khatri

CTO: When & Why

When and why you would want to open up a CTO

Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Video
Prognosis of CTO Intervention Video


Prognosis of CTO Patients

Learn about the risks & benefits of CTO intervention

Algorithmic Approach to CTO Strategies and Techniques Video


CTO Strategies & Techniques

Systematic approach to using hybrid algorithm approach

Angiographic techniques for CTO Intervention Video


CTO Angiographic Principles

Angiographic techniques for CTO intervention

Antegrade Intervention of CTOs Video


Antegrade CTO Toolbox

Interventional tools for antegrade intervention of CTOs

Antegrade Escalation Cases Video


Antegrade Escalation Cases

Case reviews of CTO PCIs using the Antegrade Toolbox

Techniques and Equipment in ADR Approach Video


ADR Tools & Techniques

Techniques & equipment in an ADR approach

ADR CAP and BASE approach to CTO PCI Video


ADR Cap & BASE Approach

Learn the ADR Cap & Base approach to CTO PCI

Stick/Drive, STRAW ADR Approach Video


Stick/Drive, STRAW, & Troubleshooting

Learn this method for ADR approach

Retrograde Approach and Evaluating Collaterals in CTO PCI Video


Retrograde Collateral Utilization

Learn about the retrograde approach and evaluating collaterals in CTO PCI

Equipment and Outcomes in a Retrograde PCI Approach Video


Retrograde Tools & Outcomes

Equipment and outcomes in a retrograde PCI approach

Build and Maintain a Successful CTO Program Video


Building Your CTO Program

Learn how to build and maintain a successful CTO program



Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

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