Coronary Medical Education

Peer-to-Peer Physician Education

Coronary Medical Education

CHIP Series

Watch Dr. Kevin Croce take a deep dive into CHIP patients and the different treatment strategies he utilizes in his everyday practice.

Dr. Kevin Croce

Identifying CHIP Patients

Learn how to identify CHIP patients and the best practices available today.

Identifying CHIP Patient Video
Determining CHIP Patient Options Video


Determining Patient Options

Case-based management of CHIP patients

Best ISR Practices for CHIP Patients Video


Best Practices of ISR

Learn about treatment options for ISR CHIP patients

Using OCT Imaging for CHIP Patients Video


OCT's Role in CHIP

Learn about the importance of treating OCT in CHIP patients

The Role of MCS in CHIP Patients Video


MCS - Highest Risk / Highest Benefits

Learn the role MCS in CHIP patients

Using MCS in Cardiogenic Shock Patients Video


Improving Cardiogenic Shock Outcome

Learn the when & why of using MCS in cardiogenic shock patients



Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

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