AF Effect On Quality-Of-Life Questionnaire (AFEQT)

Reliable. Responsive. Validated with AFib patients.

AF Quality of Life Survey

Note: The information on this web page is intended for health care providers. If you are a patient, speak to your physician about using the AFEQT questionnaire.

The AF Effect on Quality-of-Life questionnaire - AFEQT for short - is a reliable and responsive measure of quality of life, developed especially for atrial fibrillation. This page addresses key questions you may have about the tool, used worldwide since 2010.

How does the AFEQT support physicians?

AFEQT evaluates health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and provides an overall score; plus scores for symptoms, daily activities, treatment concerns, and treatment satisfaction.



  • Validated questionnaire that was patient derived with expert clinical input
  • Reliable: Cronbach's alpha coefficients for the global and subscales scores of the AFEQT questionnaire >0.8 indicating internal consistency
  • Responsive: Moderate to large effect size observed for AFEQT scores following treatment intervention demonstrates responsiveness of AFEQT questionnaire
  • Easy-to-use: 20 questions on 7-point Likert scale
  • Five-minute completion time

Score interpretation

Overall or subscale scores range from 0-100.

A score of 0 corresponds to complete disability (or responding “extremely” limited, difficult or bothersome to all questions answered), while a score of 100 corresponds to no disability (or responding “not at all” limited, difficult or bothersome to all questions answered).

Questionnaire Sample

The AFEQT is available to patients in the AFibLife™ app

  • 1-month free trial of AFEQT
  • In-app payment of $19.99 USD* | One-year subscription
  • Patient can complete up to one questionnaire per week

Additional features (no payment required)

  • Health data from wearables (such as Apple Watch)**
  • Journal entries for medication logging, etc.
  • AFib education with videos, treatment options, and more

An interactive dashboard brings data together in one place—making it easy to review with patients.

AFibLife App

The AFEQT is also available for:

  • Clinical studies (multiple languages)
  • Other large efforts

* US price.  App is available in the US with other countries coming soon with equivalent pricing.
** This feature is not currently available for Android or FitBit

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