StarClose SE™ Vascular Closure System

Don't Just Close. Repair.


  • Designed not to impact lumen diameter or distal blood flow
  • Proprietary nitinol design – nothing remains inside the artery
  • Re-access/Reclose


  • Advanced design for greater stability and ease of use
  • Numbered windows and numbered steps provide visual guidance for step completion
  • Four clicks to close1

Gives In-Lab Confidence

  • 360º circumferential clip closure
  • Secure Closure – Close, Challenge and Confirm on the table gives you the close you can trust
  • Early ambulation – RISE Study median time to ambulation was 5.92 minutes (Per-Protocol Population RISE Study Endpoints)2

StarClose SE™ System Components

StarClose SE™

StarClose SE™ Exchange System

StarClose SE™ Exchange System

StarClose SE™ Clip

Provides Extravascular Arterial Closure

Nitinol (56% Nickel, 44% Titanium)

  • 4 mm diameter
  • 0.2 mm (0.008") thick

Housed Inside Clip Delivery Tube

A. Clip
B. Clip Delivery Tube
C. Sheath Splitter

StarClose SE™ Exchange System

Data on file at Abbott.


  1. StarClose SE™ Vascular Closure System – Instructions for Use (IFU). Refer to IFU for additional information.
  2. Burke et al. StarClose Vascular Closure System (VCS) is Safe and Effective in Patients Who Ambulate Early Following Successful Femoral Artery Access Closure - Results from the RISE Clinical Trial. CCI 2012, 80:45-52.

MAT-2203095 v1.0