RadiStop™ Compression Assist Device

RadiStop™ Compression Assist Device
Radistop Hand

Radial Compression with Sturdy Support for Comfortable, Reliable Hemostasis

RadiStop™ Compression Assist Device provides hands-free, reliable compression after cannulation of the radial artery while supporting the patient’s hand for improved comfort. The see-through compression pad allows correct placement over the puncture site and the support plate enables controlled positioning of the patient’s wrist before, during and after the procedure to enable reliable compression and post hemostasis care.


RadiStop™ Deployment Steps

  1. Place the patient's hand in the support plate. Wrap the distal strap over the palm and distal to the thumb.
  2. Wrap the proximal strap around the patient's forearm.
  3. Center the compression pad directly over the puncture site. Withdraw the introducer sheath just enough to clear the rim of the compression pad.
  4. Remove the sheath with one hand and hold the compression pad with the other hand. Hold the thumb firmly on the compression pad and the fingers securely around the support plate.
  5. Continue to apply manual compression while securing the Velcro part of the compression pad strap.
  6. Excess part of the Velcro strap can be cut or fixed (thread under the compression pad strap) to prevent the Velcro strap from attaching to other fabrics.

RadiStop™ Compression Assist Device – Instructions for Use (IFU). Refer to IFU for additional information.

Radistop Deployment Steps

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RadiStop™ Compression Assist Device
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C11177RadiStop™ Compression Assist Device10 per box


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