Stealth 360™

Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy System

Stealth 360 Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy Device

A Specialized Approach to PAD

Stealth 360™ Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy System (OAS) offers tools to address various calcification scenarios, low-profile advantages, and multiple access solutions.

Explore Stealth 360™ Device

Explore Stealth 360

Treat more patients with 4-6 Fr sheath sizes

Diamondback 360 Sheath Size

Electric-powered handle

Diamondback 360 Handle

One-touch start button, makes device power-up effortless

Diamondback 360 Start Button

GlideAssist™ mode is featured on the 1.25 micro crown and enables the crown to spin at a slow speed (5k RPM) reducing friction to facilitate tracking and provide easier removal of the device

Diamondback 360 Speed Control

Convenient three-speed controls allow for quick speed adjustments within the sterile field

Diamondback 360 GlideAssist for Microcrown

Stealth 360™ Crown Options

Eccentrically mounted diamond-coated crowns with bi-directional capabilities treat a wide range of vessels, enabling single device treatment of multiple lesions and vessel sizes.

Micro Crown
  • Designed with flexibility for tortuous vessels and tight bends below-the-knee1
  • GlideAssist™ mode for the 1.25 Micro Crown enables the crown to spin at a slow speed (5k RPM) for easier tracking and removal of the device over the guide wire1
Diamondback 360 Micro Crown for Tortuous Vessels & Tight Bends
Solid Crown
  • Designed for moderate to severe calcified lesions1
  • Delivers efficient sanding in calcification2
  • Diamond-coated surface area allows for short run times1
Diamondback 360 Solid Crown for Severe Calcification
Classic Crown
  • The most flexible of our crown configurations1
  • Designed for vessel bends, ostial lesions and distal below-the-knee procedures1
Diamondback 360 Classic Crown for Flexible Configuration

Stealth 360™ System Components

OAS Pump for Atherectomy Pumping Mechanism

The OAS pump mounts directly onto an I.V. pole and provides power and the pumping mechanism for the Stealth 360™ System.

Stealth 360 OAS pump

ViperSlide™ Atherectomy Device Lubricant

ViperSlide™ is an exclusive lubricant for use with Abbott's Orbital Atherectomy Systems. ViperSlide™ increases the lubricity, therefore reducing friction between the Atherectomy device shaft and the ViperWire™ Advance Guide Wire.

Stealth 360 ViperSlide™ Lubricant

ViperWire Advance™  and ViperWire Advance™ with Flex Tip Peripheral Guide Wires

ViperWire Advance™ and ViperWire Advance™ with Flex Tip Peripheral Guide Wires are designed specifically for the Stealth 360™ Peripheral Orbital Atherectomy Systems to facilitate proper device placement within the peripheral artery to enable orbital gain during PAD treatment.

Stealth 360 ViperWire Advance™ Peripheral Guide Wires


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