CardioMEMS HF System

For pulmonary artery pressure monitoring

CardioMEMS HF System

How it works

The CardioMEMS™ HF System provides pulmonary artery (PA) pressure remote monitoring using a small sensor. Permanently implanted in the distal pulmonary artery via a safe right heart catheterization procedure, the sensor measures changes in pulmonary artery pressure. These changes are a surrogate measure for fluid retention in the lungs caused by worsening heart failure.

Patient-initiated sensor readings, taken daily from their homes, are wirelessly transmitted to a secure website for clinicians to access and review. Directly monitoring PA pressure not only alerts you if a patient’s heart failure is worsening, it also allows you to intervene earlier, adjusting medication or making other treatment changes, often before a patient experiences any symptoms.

System Components


The CardioMEMS HF System Sends PA Pressure Data from Patients’ Homes to You

  • The PA sensor is inserted via right heart catheterization
  • Patient takes daily sensor reading from wherever they are using the portable CardioMEMS™ Patient Electronics System
  • Data wirelessly transmitted to™ Patient Care Network, a secure website that easily presents PA pressure data to inform proactive treatment modifications
  • Clinician reviews data and contacts patient, as necessary
 The CardioMEMS HF System Sends PA Pressure Data from Patients’ Homes to You Patient Care Network (PCN)

The Patient Care Network (PCN) is the only remote monitoring platform that presents pulmonary artery (PA) pressure data as actionable information. This information can guide earlier, more appropriate intervention for each patient.

The platform integrates remote PA pressure data with Implanted Electronic Device (IED) diagnostics, such as:

  • AT/AF burden
  • Percent ventricular pacing
  • Patient activity
  • Day and night heart rate
  • VT/VF events with antitachycardia (ATP) and shock therapies PCN Resources PCN Introductory Video

This video highlights the benefits and features of the PCN.

View PCN videos

View PCN videos

myCardioMEMS™ Mobile App for Patients and Caregivers

Once a patient is implanted with the CardioMEMS HF System, they may opt to stay engaged in their care by using the myCardioMEMS patient app. Caregivers can also create an account on the app, to provide visibility to how often readings are being uploaded and the messages being sent from the care team.

Empowered Convenience.

The myCardioMEMS App provides your patients with daily Pulmonary Artery (PA) Pressure readings within a matter of minutes. This is the same number you use to monitor your patients heart failure.

Closer Communication.

Before your patients feel any symptoms, or have to come to the hospital, you can send them messages. This includes lifestyle modifications, and what medication changes they should make. Your patients can also designate a “caregiver” to receive and respond to messages and help to keep track of their care.

Downloading the myCardioMEMS Patient App

The myCardioMEMS app can be downloaded from the App store for iPhone mobile digital devices and on Google Play for Android devices.

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Manuals & Resources

Manuals & Resources

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Customer Service

This device is commercially available for use in select international markets.

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