Acute Circulatory Support System with Full MagLev Flow Technology


How It Works

Full MagLev™ Flow Technology: Easy on the blood

Designed for optimal hemocompatibility,1,2 Full MagLev Flow Technology can result in low hemolysis1 and low device-related thrombosis (2.5%).1,2

Watch this video to see how Full MagLev Flow Technology works.

Reduced blood trauma,3 minimized turbulence, maintained stability

Full MagLev Flow Technology provides a contact-free environment that features:

  • A free-floating magnetically levitated rotor to prevent surface-to-surface contact that could cause blood trauma
  • Wide blood-flow pathways and absence of seals, bearings and valves to minimize blood turbulence and stasis
  • Automatic rotor positioning that adjusts 50,000 times per second to maintain stable and consistent blood flow


 Full MagLev Flow Technology
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Manuals & Technical Resources

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