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Educating Your Patients About Jot Dx ICM

Patients with a need for an Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) will have questions about their device and their health. That's why Abbott has curated many resources to help healthcare professionals educate their patients about the advantages and features of the Jot Dx™ ICM with SharpSense™ Technology.

These resources explain to patients how Jot Dx ICM monitors their heart continuously, without interrupting their lifestyle, while the myMerlin™ mobile app records symptoms and automatically sends information needed for an accurate diagnosis directly to your clinic.

Once your patient has been implanted with the Jot Dx ICM, there are many tools available to help them get the most out of their device. Our SyncUP™ support service helps to ensure Jot Dx ICM implanted patients are properly connected to the myMerlin app. Data show 97% of patients are compliant with the app. This compliance combined with SyncUp support service ensure continuous flow of accurate information.

Learn How to Connect

Learn how to connect the myMerlin mobile application with Abbott ICMs to securely send your heart monitoring data to your clinic.

Learn How to Stay Connected

Get tips and learn how to keep your myMerlin mobile application connected to your Abbott ICMs and your clinic.                                                                                        

Learn How to Record Symptoms

Learn how to record and send symptoms to your clinic with the myMerlin mobile application for Abbott ICMs.

How it Works

Learn how the myMerlin mobile application works with Abbott ICMs.

Jot Dx Gives Patients Hope for the Future

Marlene, a Jot Dx ICM patient, has a compelling story supporting a successful outcome that can be shared with your patients to illustrate how they, too, may live longer and better lives after implantation. She shares how Jot Dx ICM has given her and her family peace of mind and hope for the future. Patients will be encouraged to hear how, after experiencing her first cardiac event at age 38, this great-grandmother now is now living a full life into her 70s.


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