Jot Dx ICM


How Jot Dx ICM Works to
Simplify Your Workflow

With revolutionary insertion tools, the myMerlin™ app and SyncUp™ support, the Jot Dx™ Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) simplifies the process for you and your patient.

Jot Dx Workflow

Reduce in-clinic workflow burden
 with myMerlin smartphone-enabled technology

Connectivity via myMerlin app delivers life-saving information continuously from a patient’s smartphone to your clinic. Patients can be confident you are receiving the information needed to monitor their EGMs remotely, all by smartphone, without an office visit.


of patients
were compliant with myMerlin mobile app

myMerlin App

remote monitoring simplifies setup.

The Abbott SyncUP 1-800 support line makes it easy for patients to set up Jot Dx ICM remote monitoring from the comfort of their own home, eliminating the need to stay post-implantation to configure the app. This service is the conduit to improved patient compliance and peace of mind.

Abbott SyncUp


The Jot Dx ICM implantation device and incision tool make insertion simpler for you and more comfortable for your patients. The incision tool features a revolutionary triple-edge blade that reduces the puncture force by a factor of 8 compared to its predecessor. This transformational blade made with Japanese steel and asymmetric blade design gives you the sharpness and efficiency you need.2,3


Implanting the Jot Dx ICM

Insertion Location

4th intercostal space, 45° relative to the sternum, along the axis of the heart

4th intercostal space, parallel to the sternum

Anterolateral, inframammary between the 5th and 6th ribs

MAT-2208788 v1.0