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VT Module

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The Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) module is designed for physicians who are interested in developing a program to approach VT ablations.

The VT module is divided in five different sessions and lasts for over one year. During the module, attendees will have the opportunity to discover various labs throughout Europe and to openly discuss related topics with an enthusiastic and dedicated faculty. Expert faculty members will guide the participants through a journey starting from ECG analysis to complex VT live cases.

Course Director


Prof. Paolo Della Bella, Head of Arrhythmia Unit and EP Lab, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milano (Italy)

Professor Della Bella

Target Audience

Intermediate to advanced. For physicians who are engaged in VT ablation cases. The participant is expected to have a 3-D mapping system available in his or her lab and be able to handle cases in between the different module events.

Curriculum Objectives

At the end of this module the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the benefits of a 3-D mapping system for VT ablations
  • Define the rationale for an ablation treatment and discuss ablation strategies
  • Review the use of imaging for VT ablation
  • Discuss mapping techniques and ablation strategies for VT ablation
    • Idiopathic VT
    • Ischemic VT
    • Non-ischemic VT
  • Define ablation end-points and validation protocols
  • Recognize and manage complications during VT ablations
  • Understand and manage VT ablation in HF patients
  • Learn how to safely perform an epicardial puncture
  • Discuss latest trends, approaches and new technologies for VT ablation
  • Understand the organization of a VT unit
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"I had the pleasure of attending IEPC modules for VT ablation 2017-18. I was a junior consultant at this point and found the experience invaluable; not only did I meet and learn from world-leading ablators, but I had a chance to get to know colleagues across Europe in a similar situation to me. I still enjoy catching up with them in conferences. The IEPC experiences enhanced my ablation outcomes and increased my confidence. I would thoroughly recommend the IEPC courses to all senior fellows or junior consultants."

– Jane Caldwell
Consultant EP and Device
Hull University Teaching Hospitals
Hull, UK
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