The Interventional EP Curriculum

The Interventional EP Curriculum

A unique teaching program to address all cardiac ablation therapies

Developed by Abbott in collaboration with internationally recognized Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in their expertise area. The Interventional EP Curriculum strives to ensure systematic teaching of electrophysiologists eager to learn the latest on innovative techniques in interventional electrophysiology.


A glimpse of our first Global Interventional EP Curriculum - 1,000 Alumni and Beyond event

Global Interventional EP Curriculum

Create expertise through unique education

Electrophysiology courses

Available Modules

The curriculum is offered in 3 modules, each focusing on different therapeutic areas.

Key Core Aspects

Hosted in several institutions across Europe, offering the possibility to attendees to observe different setting, workflow and real-life scenarios which will enrich their experience. Continuously updated and enriched with last “status of the art” topics and practice.

1 year commitment

From 4 to 5 sessions
  • Developing path
  • Continous learning experience

Blended Learning

Theory, Practice, Observation
  • Mix of teaching methods to keep attendees engaged and faciliate learning

Small Groups

Highly Interactive
  • Gain from intersection
  • High engagement with faculty and attendees


Sharing Experiences
  • Compare different experiences
  • Take home what can be implemented in practice

Blended Methodology

Electrophysiology courses

"My team and I had the great opportunity to participate in different editions of the IEPC course. The contents and the tutors were of the highest level. We interacted with the best EP schools of Europe. It was for us big gratification and professional growth."

                                                                                                                                                                    – Dr. Vittorio Calzolari, MD Treviso, Italy
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