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Access the latest Abbott educational webinars on coronary-related topics for physicians, clinical staff and hospital administrators.

Abbott Medical Education Series

MLD MAX OCT Algorithm

Dr. Ziad Ali discusses the MLD MAX OCT Algorithm and how to optimize your PCI.

Coronary Physiology in Contemporary PCI
“When To Use What"

Dr. Allen Jeremias and Dr. Bruce Samuels will lead this engaging webinar discussing clinical application of physiology in modern PCI. This webinar will focus on how the use of physiology and resting indices will assist in the clinical decision-making process of intervention.

High Risk / Complex Patients:
Can OCT-Guidance Make the Complex Simple?

Dr. Nick West, CMO Abbott, Vascular Division, hosts a discussion with Dr. Ziad Ali and Dr. Evan Shlofmitz on the use of OCT to optimize clinical outcomes in the complex patient. They discuss perceived barriers to imaging and offer insight to the OCT technology to improve patient outcomes.

Optimizing My PCI:
With the New 'MLD MAX' Algorithm

Dr. Kevin Croce and Dr. Tej Sheth leads this webinar discussing a new approach to imaging with OCT called MLD MAX. They discuss pre-PCI vessel assessment, which will include the strategy to treat that vessel prior to intervention, post-PCI assessment, and the factors involved in achieving optimal stent expansion,all of which may lead to improved clinical outcomes.

Coronary Microvascular Dysfunction:
Evolving Understanding of Prevalence, Diagnosis & Prognosis

Drs. West, Taqueti and Fearon lead this engaging discussion on the importance of understanding CMD through the lens of our evolving knowledge of the coronary microcirculation. They also discuss the prevalence and pathophysiology of CMD and the challenges in arriving at an accurate diagnosis and prognosis in symptomatic patients.

Perclose ProGlide™ SMC System: From Access to Closure Series

Session 1: Access

Dr. Adhir Shroff and Dr. Rajiv Tayal lead a discussion on understanding the various vascular access sites, the anatomical differences/similarities of arteries & veins, and how to safely gain access for cardiovascular procedures.

Session 2: Closure

Dr. Rajiv Tayal and Dr. Adhir Shroff lead a discussion on understanding primary and secondary vessel healing, the various methods of achieving hemostasis, and how manual compression and closure devices lead to hemostasis.

Session 4: Percutaneous Closure of the Femoral Vessel

Dr. Darren Schneider leads a discussion on large bore access and closure using a case based approach with tips and techniques for large bore closure using the Perclose ProGlide™ Suture-Mediated Closure System.

Session 5: Complications

Dr. Adhir Shroff and Dr. Rajiv Tayal lead a discussion on understanding the potential complications that may occur with radial and femoral access. They also provide management strategies when complications occur and tips and techniques to avoid those complications.

Session 6: Perclose ProGlide™ Components and Deployment

Aaron Fortson, Abbott Research & Development, provides important insights in to the functional components of Perclose ProGlide™ Suture-Mediated Closure System and tips & techniques that lead to successful deployment.

Session 7: Tips & Techniques

Dr. Erin Moore and Dr. Karthik Gujja provide practical tips & techniques for successful deployment of the Perclose ProGlide™ Suture-Mediated Closure System from a physicians perspective.

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Coronary Medical Education

Coronary Medical Education

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