What can I Expect as an Enrolled Patient?

Patient enrollment is complete for the LIFE-BTK PK sub-study. A special thanks to the investigators, research coordinators, and enrolled patients for making this sub-study possible.

What to Expect if You Participate in the LIFE-BTK PK SUB-STUDY

This sub-study will evaluate how everolimus is processed in our body during and after Esprit™ BTK implantation in patients with CLI.

Study participants will have their blood drawn starting on the day of the Esprit™ BTK implantation procedure and for up to 60 days. You will have 16 study visits over a 5-year period, some matching the same time points for your blood draws.

After implantation of Esprit™ BTK, study participants will have their blood drawn on specific days for up to 60 days. After 60 days, when all blood draws are completed, you will have 7 study visits remaining over a 5-year period. Duplex ultrasound testing, to assess your leg arteries, will be conducted at 30 days, 180 days, and 1 year.

Life-BTK Patient Blood Draw

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