The LIFE-BTK Study

Patient enrollment is complete for the LIFE-BTK clinical trial. A special thanks to the investigators, research coordinators and enrolled patients for making this trial possible.

The LIFE-BTK Study

Abbott is studying a new treatment for severe disease of the leg arteries.

The study, called LIFE-BTK, is assessing the safety and effectiveness of Abbott's new Esprit™ BTK scaffold. Patient enrollment is complete for the LIFE-BTK clinical study and LIFE-BTK PK Sub-Study. The Esprit™ BTK is designed to treat blocked arteries below the knee, or critical limb ischemia, in people battling advanced stages of disease of the arteries outside of the heart, called peripheral artery disease (PAD).

Help is available to ensure patients can return for the follow-up:

  1. In-home patient follow-up visits
  2. Reimbursement for transportation expenses (connection with travel agent to help patient with flight and hotel bookings)
  3. Private car pickup to support return for patient visits
  4. Translator support

As seen on Access Health airing on Lifetime Television:

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