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Expert Implanters on the AVEIR™ VR Ventricular Leadless Pacemaker (LP)

Abbott Cardiac Rhythm Management | February 10, 2024
Physician discussion of AVEIR VR LP

Here at Abbott, there is so much happening in leadless pacemaker technology. Quickly adapting to changes in the world around us, AVEIR™ Leadless Pacemakers (LPs) are delivering the best possible solutions for some of the world’s most important health challenges. Let’s take a moment to sit down with Dr. Banker and Dr. Ip to get their thoughts on the benefits of this revolutionary technology specifically as it relates to single chamber ventricular pacing.

Designed for Long-Term Retrieval

Dr. Banker talks about the biggest advantage of AVEIR VR LP: it is the first leadless pacemaker on the market designed to be extracted after multiple years. This retrievability expands therapeutic options for patients, especially those who are younger where the risk of crowding the heart with devices over time is a real concern.

The AVEIR VR LP's predicate device has an overall long-term retrieval success rate above 88% with helix fixation from up to 9 years of retrieval experience. 1


Long Lasting Battery

With an increased battery capacity, Dr. Ip mentions the AVEIR VR LP can last over 25 years, making this an ideal option for younger patients needing pacemakers implanted for intermittent pacing needs.


Long lasting battery

Among its Leadless II Phase 2 clinical trial patients at one-year follow-up, the AVEIR VR LP observed an impressive average battery life estimate of 17.6 years.4 Furthermore, 48% of the study’s patients had an estimated longevity of over 20 years.4


Mapping Prior to Fixation

Dr. Banker talks about how literature suggests that repositioning devices is associated with higher complication rates.5 The AVEIR VR LP mapping capability, with the ability to assess Current of Injury via Commanded EGM, initial pacing capture thresholds, sensing amplitudes, and impedance, is designed to help reduce the number of repositioning attempts.6

96% of patients had successful ventricular implants with 1 or less repositioning attempts.6



Dr. Banker mentions that the AVEIR VR LP is designed for an upgradeable platform, the AVEIR™ DR Dual Chamber Leadless Pacemaker System,7,8 to later support dual chamber pacing when patient therapy needs evolve. The option to upgrade over time allows you to meet your patient’s needs today and adapt to common disease progression later. Discover more about the AVEIR DR LP System.

Take a deeper dive into the AVEIR VR LP technology and all of its benefits here.


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