CardioMEMS™ HF System: Patient Conversation Aid

Life Post-Procedure

Once you are home, what's next?

Here is some helpful information regarding what to expect after your procedure:

Life Post-Procedure
Life Post-Procedure

Post-Implant - Day 1:

You may have mild pain or bruising at the incision site for a couple of days, but you should be able to resume normal activities soon. Your care team will contact you to check in on your recovery progress and answer any questions you may have about the CardioMEMS HF System, including taking your daily readings.

Post-Implant - Within One Week:

Your care team will likely see you at the clinic. During this check in, they will:

assess your recovery

Assess your recovery progress.

take daily readings

Ensure you understand how to take daily readings properly.

discuss your questions

Discuss any questions you may have about when you will be contacted and why. on laptop

The CardioMEMS HF System gives your care team the ability to change your treatment before your heart failure gets worse.1

You have the power to partner with your care team to slow your heart failure and feel re-energized to live your life with more confidence.

Taking daily readings
is fast, simple and necessary.

A reading takes just under 5 minutes with a few easy steps.

1. Place the pillow on a flat surface. The thickest part of the
pillow will be under your head.

Take daily readings

Step 2

Plug in your unit and press the button
on the side to turn it on.

Turn on your unit

Step 3

Lay down on the pillow and press the remote button.
The system guides you with voice prompts. When you
hear “reading complete” you can get up.

Take your reading

Step 4

The unit wirelessly transmits the PA data to your
care team via a secure website.

data transmits

Steps 5 & 6

5. Once it’s sent, the unit turns off automatically.

6. Your care team will review your pressure readings
and reach out if there are any necessary changes
needed to your medications or treatment plan.

Pressure readings reviewed

Consistency is key, so make it part of your daily routine. For example, take a reading right after you weigh yourself every morning.

Watch these training videos to see how to unpack & assemble the system and how to take a reading.

Unpacking and Assembly
Taking a Reading

Change isn’t always easy. It takes time to establish a routine. Be kind to yourself during the first few weeks and soon you will see how easily the CardioMEMS HF System integrates into your life.


Summary Checkmark

• Your care team will check in on your recovery progress and answer your questions.

• Taking daily readings is fast, simple, and necessary.

• You will be able to resume the activities you enjoy.


  1. Lindenfeld J, Zile MR, Desai AS, et al. Hemodynamic-guided management of heart failure (GUIDE-HF): a randomized controlled trial. Lancet. 2021 Sep 11;398(10304):991-1001

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